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Polish white borscht soup starter


10 min + 5 day





About the Recipe

White borscht or barszcz biały in Polish is an amazing Polish soup made with Polish white sausage, smoked bacon, and sour liquid made with fermented wheat flour. It may sound weird, but I can assure you, this soup is so delicious! It may be unusual to a foreign palate at first, but I can assure you, you will love it more and more with each bite (or spoon). The soup is meaty, smokey, thick, creamy, and delightfully sour. It’s traditionally eaten at Easter but is also popular during other parts of the year. It’s served with hard-boiled eggs.


  • 5 tbsp whole wheat flour

  • 3 cloves garlic cut into halfs

  • 2 bay leafes

  • 5 all spice

  • 0,5 l of boiled cool down water

  • 1 tbsp marjoram

  • clean cloth to cover it


Step 1

Boil about 16oz of water, and let it cool down. Prepare a clean 32 oz jar, a clean cloth and a rubber band.
Peel and cut garlic into halfs.

Step 2

Place the wheat flour in the jar, add garlic, allspice and bay leaves. Pour the cool down water on top (water should be warm but not boiling hot).
Next add the marjoram and mix it all with a wooden or silicone spoon.

Step 3

Cover the top of the jar with a cloth and grab it with the rubber band. That protects anything from getting into the jar.

Step 4

Finally, put it in a warm, not too bright space. It should not be in a direct sun.

Step 5

For the next 5 days, once to twice a day (morning and evening) take off the cloth and mix well with a wooden spoon. 


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