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Mazurek - Easter Polish cake with caramel and chocolate


60 min





About the Recipe

Mazurek is a traditional dessert that is served for Easter. It has many different flavors, and can be made almost with anything.

I really like caramel or dulce de leche in Polish KAJMAK - which is made from cooked condense milk. I like however add different flavors to it like chocolate and chili.


For the dough
3 cups of flour
1 tbsp of baking powder
1 bag of vanilla sugar (or a 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tbsp of sugar)
8 oz of soft butter
1 tbsp of olive oil
5 yokes

For the kajmak filling
2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (12 oz each)
3 bars of dark chocolate
1/2 oz of sliced almonds
hand full of dry cranberries
pinch of salt


Step 1

Place the cans of condensed milk into a medium size saucepan, pour the water so that the cans are completely submerged. Cook them over a low heat for 2.5 h, making sure that the water does not evaporate.

Step 2

After that time cool it down and open them then they are lukewarm, and open them.

Step 3

Sift the flour though the sifter, add baking powder, butter, vanilla, egg yolks and olive oil. Knead the dough until you can make a ball (about 10min). Rap it in a plastic and set a side in the fridge for 15- 20 min. After that time take the ball and spread it on the bottom and sides of a baking pan. It should be about 1 cm (0.3 inch) thick, and half way up on the baking pan walls.

Step 4

Bake it in the oven for 15 min on the 350 F. After that time take it out and let it cool down.

Step 5

While the dough is baking, melt dark chcolate the chocolate in the double boiled or in a micowave. Mix in the chili powder into the chocolate.

Step 6

Pour the dulche de leche into the big bowl, add the chocolate, add the salt and mix everything gently.
Spread the ready mixture on the cool down dough. Dacorate with almonds and dry cranberries.


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