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Horseradish sauce with cranberries


20 min





About the Recipe

Eating horseradish sauce for Easter is one of the most popular Polish traditions (besides eating and painting eggs). It is a must have on Polish Easter table!

It usually comes in different versions with cream, or mayonnaise. However, the Cumberland sauce - like my mom calls it, became a tradition in our house, and my mom makes it every Easter breakfast. It is super easy to do and adds a lot of spiciness, sweetness and tartness to the cold cuts served during this festive breakfast. It is a mix of Cumberland sauce and horseradish sauce, which makes it the best addition to the cold cuts served during the Easter breakfast.


1 jars of horseradish (6.3 oz)
1 jars of cranberry sauce (12 oz)
orange juice from 1 orange
orange zest
pinch of salt & pepper


Step 1

Zest the skin of the orange into a mixing bowl.
Cut the orange into a half and juice it, pour the juice into the same bowl.

Step 2

Add all the horseradish, 3/4 of the jar of cranberries and pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk it together and try it. If it is too spicy add more cranberries.
The ratio of the sauce should be around 1:2 horseradish to cranberries.
This is a recipe that you have to make to your taste and play with flavor. It should not be too sweet nor too spicy.

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