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Chicken Stock from leftovers


2 h





About the Recipe

There is a lot of left over vegetables and scraps in my house.
Throwing them away would break my heart, so I try to reuse them for flavor.

This recipe for chicken broth is perfect if you have a left over chicken scraps and bones and some peels and vegetables. Easy to make, creates a delicious base for other soups.


leftover chicken bones and bits
2 big carrots
1 leek
1 small onion
1 celery root
some fresh parsley
purple turnip
pepper and salt
0,5 gallon of water


Step 1

Leave all the bits of the chicken and all the bones. Wash them, place them in a big pot. Peel and wash all the vegetables, and add them to the pot.
Step 2

Add the water, spices and cook on a small heat for about two hours.

Step 3

Cool down and poor it through the sifter, and place in the jars.
You can freeze some of them or use it in right a way.


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