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Gzik - Polish Farmer's Cheese Spread


15 min





About the Recipe

Is there such a thing as a Polish breakfast at all? Looking at other countries, we could take something from each one. Polish breakfast mostly includes cereal, an open sandwich with a slice of cheese, ham and tomato or cucumber. On weekends I remember having eggs and "parówki" (hot dog). With every breakfast there is a beautiful fresh bread, some butter and almost always cottage cheese or farmers cheese spread with vegetables.

This simple spread has infinite possibilities. The classic version, called GZIK, originated in two provinces of Poland - Wielkopolska and Kujawy. It is based on a farmer's cheese - in Polish called biały ser, or twaróg, mixed with sour cream or yogurt. For additional flavor, in Poland we add everything for radishes and chives to tomatoes and cucumbers.

GZIK is not only eaten for breakfast but the more traditional way is to put it on top of
a loaded potato - Pyry z Gzikiem.


1 block of farmer's cheese
10-12 chopped radishes
3-4 tbsp of Greek yogurt
Salt & pepper
Chopped chives
Favorite bread & butter


Step 1

In a medium bowl mash with the fork the farmer's cheese. Add to it yogurt and mix everything well together.
Add the radishes, and season everything with salt and pepper.

Step 2

Take a slice of your favorite bread and spread it with some butter. Take a spoon of GZIK and lay it out on top of your bread.
Eat it with a cup of tea or coffee.


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