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Dried Fruit Pudding


10 min





About the Recipe

During Christmas Eve on Polish tables there are at least 12 dishes, and sometimes it feels like you never stop eating. This pudding recipe together with Christmas Dry Compote helps with all the stomach ache and gluttony.

It is my go to dessert after eating 11 different dishes as number 12. This is a super easy recipe, and you do not have to do anything beside blending the dry fruits from the compote and top it all with whipped cream.
It is sweet (but not too much), you do not add any sugar beside the one that is already in the fruits.
It is the perfect way to finish the big Christmas Eve dinner.


This is a pudding from dry fruits leftover from the Christmas compote.
The ratio of water to dried fruit is 3:1 cup.

Dried fruit pudding- Galas

1/2 cup Heavy whipped cream
Dried fruits from the compote

Dried fruits

All together for this recipe you will need about 8 oz of dried fruit (250g)



1 Cinnamon stick
1 Star Anise
1 tbsp of powder cloves
1 tbsp Ginger powder
to your taste Agave syrup
1 orange and 1 lemon zest


Step 1

This recipe is made from leftover fruits from a dry fruit Christmas compote. First you have to make the dry fruit compote.

Step 2

Put the heavy whipped cream into a freezer for 10-30 min. After that time I took it out and whipped it.
Strain the fruits from the dried fruit compote and put them into a blender.
Blend everything, to the consistency of a pudding, add water if you need.
Serve cold topped with whipped cream.

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