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Polish bagel sandwich

March 4, 2023 at 7:07:06 AM


25 min





About the Recipe

But after a wonderful date night is also a perfect gift. In Krakow the Obwarzanek is the most common snack that you can buy almost anywhere.

2 Obwarzaki (or regular bagels)
1 jar of artichoke heart
1 cup cream cheese
2 hard boiled eggs
1 pack of smoked salmon
fresh chopped dill

Step 1

Prepare the sauce pan, and hard boiled eggs. Cool them down, peel and slice.

Step 2

Preheat you oven to 400F.

Take the artichoke out of the jar, drain and put on the baking sheet. Put it in the oven for 10 min (if you are preparing normal regular bagels, cut the in half and bake them as well).

Step 3

To a small food processor put 1 cup of cream cheese and the artichokes, puréeing it until all the ingredients will combine, but there still will chunks.

Spread the artichoke spread on top of the obwarzanek, put the salmon on top of it and garnish with dill.

Top it all with hard boiled egg.


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