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  • Babka - Easter Polish Cake

    Served with butter, jam and a cup of coffee is the best breakfast and/or dessert that I look forward every year for Easter.

    1h 45 min.

  • Vegetarian Żurek

    This Polish signature soup is served in almost every household for Easter. But what if you do not eat meat? There it is full of flavor, vegetarian Żurek!

    1 h 30 min.

  • Obwarzanek Sandwich - breakfast in bed

    Breakfast in bed is not only great idea for Valentine's Day! But after a wonderful date night is also a perfect gift.

    25 min.

  • Polish Yeast Easter Breakfast Cake- Babka Drożdżowa

    This super delicious full of raisins and almonds, was served of Easter Breakfast at my house. And it never made it to a second day.

    1h 20 min.

  • Żurek - Polish speciality with homemade sour rye soup starter- NOT only of Easter

    Sour rye soup in Polish called ‘żur’ (or diminutive: 'żurek') is a soup made from fermented rye flour (similar to sourdough) with polish white sausage, bacon, mushrooms and vegetable, is a specialty eaten for Easter.

    2 h

  • Vegetarian Żurek

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    1 h 30 min

  • Homemade Sour Rye Soup Starter

    Discover the secret behind the best traditional Easter Polish Soup 'Żurek', in English called Sour Rye Soup. Perfect mix of fermentation, time and warmth.

    20 min + 5 days

  • Horseradish sauce with cranberries, my mom's recipe for Easter Breakfast

    Horseradish sauce for Easter on Polish table is a MUST HAVE!

    10 min.

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